Frontiers Children

Development Programme

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We are established and operate on three key pillars


Frontiers children is a charity organization that works to help communities grow and sustain themselves by exploiting resources at their disposal. Our charities are majourly categorized into;

Child Sponsorship

We sponser bright but needy children to enable them pursue education and upgrade their livelihoods. We have sponsored 2,300 children since we started the course and we currently have 400 children under the program.

Charity Programs

We carry out charity programs in collaboration with our patners and the community at large. Our charity programs are aimed towards helping the community eleviate hunger through sustainable long term projects.

Child Protection

In the current society, there are emerging cases of child neglect and abuse. Frontiers children are leading in ensuring that all children irrispective of gender or race are protected against any form of child abuse.

You can play a part to further this humble course

We depend on donations and charities to change lives. You can be part of this by donating or sponsoring a child.